Aries TD Badge of Honor

DOB:          09/27/2016
AGS No.:    D-90506
ADGA No.: D1966947
Sire:           Aries RB Tumblin Dice
Dam:         Harlequin BJ Creme Brule

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ADGA Registration
AGS Registration
Harlequin BJ Creme Brule 5*M (Dam)
(udder photo on right)

2015 Linear Appraisal VVEV 87
2016 Linear Appraisal VVEV 89
2017 Linear Appraisal +EVV 86
2018 Linear Appraisal VEVE 91

Houston Livestock Show 2017 Reserve Champion

Aries RB Tumblin' Dice (Sire)

2016 Linear Appraisal VVE 88
2018 Linear Appraisal VEE 90